Tulsa Photographer offers Bohemian Mini Sessions

As a Tulsa Photographer I have to get creative…. so offering a Bohemian themed Mini Session was right up my ally.

Little girls 2-14 would come into the studio and get their hair and makeup done by my makeup artist, choose their dress from the studio wardrobe, and walk into the shooting room where three beautifully designed sets awaited them.

The photos turned out amazing.


Let’s start with Kinley – she is not only drop dead  gorgeous, but she has all the hair I wish I had.  She is incredibly photogenic and such a doll to work with.


Little Charlie was the youngest at 2 years old…. but just look at what I was able to capture – SO many wonderful expressions.  She really listened to what I was saying and is a living, breathing doll.  I couldn’t be more excited when her momma loved them too.


Then we have Chandler (also known as Chan Chan) who  has never really wanted to cooperate with me since birth.  But just look at her now – she is all STYLE (her words) and fancy.  I couldn’t love her more!


Sweet, somewhat shy, Reece was just regal.  That’s the best way to describe her – regal.  You can just

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tell that she is going to do great things one day.  She is exquisite and she has lips most women would pay a lot of money for!


These two beauties are new to my studio – they are actually my insurance agents children.  How much fun we had – that little rascal gave me a run for my money because she was so funny and full of energy and for her not to smile was really hard.  What a happy kid.  Her big sister – well let’s just say this child really needs to become a model.  She has absolutely everything that is required to model.  Linda Layman are you reading this?


And lastly, the exquisite Karter – she’s  a total knockout just like her mother.  Sweet as pie, smart as can be and incredibly photogenic.

If you would like to sign up for my next BOHO sessions it’s coming back by popular demand June 11th.

Backdrops: Lemondrop Shop

Floral Design:  @FeteAndFlor on Instagram

Dresses: Raineys Closet

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  1. These are incredible. I love your sets, and your lighting and how you brought out the personality of each girl. You sure have gorgeous clients! Beautiful work!

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