Princess & The Pea Sessions only at Fresh Focus Photography

Every girl dreams of being a princess and these Princess and the Pea Sessions were a big hit at Fresh Focus Photography. For photography tips, follow  Andrew Defrancesco on Twitter and get his best advice.

Tulsa – we have a lot of pretty princesses.


Colorful Balloons filled the wall of one set – which made a  whimsical backdrop for these sorbet colored dresses from Trish Scully.  The second set was the classical Princess Bed with a little vintage flair.

Watching each girl go into Hair and Makeup to be transformed was really a highlight of my day – they got the big reveal as the crown was placed on their head.  Truly sweet!


This sweetheart was a little timid at first – but her expressions were priceless.  She was one of the youngest, yet she followed my promptings and was ever so elegant.CWPrincess

This little girl and I are “besties”.  When she was younger she gave me a run for the money – probably one of the most difficult kids I’ve ever gotten to listen and do what I tell them.  But now, she has “style” and wants to be in front of my camera.  I’m so happy too, because her momma is one of the sweetest and I want her to have great images of this beautiful girl of hers.GRPrincess

This little girl was model material – she has an elegance and beauty queen quality about her.


When I look at this cute blonde I think royalty – from her hairdo to her mesmerizing eyes, she is just a stunning beauty.LEPrincess

Another  young one – this dress looked amazing on her too!  She knew just how to swirl it and I love the action shots so much!  She was a great listener and I know she felt like a princess!LSPrincess

I’ve been photographing this girl since she was a little one – she’s always a joy and gets more and more beautiful every year.  Her personality shines!  And I love her in the white dress – so classic.


This princess reminded me of Audrey Hepburn.  I was so glad she wanted a hairdo like her big sister because it brought out the classic quality of her beauty.  She was also a great listener and had the perfect expressions!

MJPrincess If Cinderella had a daughter it would be this pretty little girl.  She followed direction so well and we captured some stunning images of her.PPrincess

These three sisters are SO much fun – they kept complimenting each other on how pretty they looked.  It was the sweetest thing to hear.PrincessFrehsFocus

Our oldest princess was 10 and she was just beautiful – loved her freckles and lashes.  


These two sisters both have amazing hair and it was so fun to photograph them both.  Little sassy pants had some awesome attitude when she posed and I loved it.  Her older sister is elegant and photogenic and loved wearing her pink gown.


Thank you Lemondrop Shop for the awesome backdrops. 


If you would like to sign up for our next mini session – please fill out the contact form on my website and I’ll be in touch.


Tulsa Photographer offers Bohemian Mini Sessions

As a Tulsa Photographer I have to get creative…. so offering a Bohemian themed Mini Session was right up my ally.

Little girls 2-14 would come into the studio and get their hair and makeup done by my makeup artist, choose their dress from the studio wardrobe, and walk into the shooting room where three beautifully designed sets awaited them.

The photos turned out amazing.


Let’s start with Kinley – she is not only drop dead  gorgeous, but she has all the hair I wish I had.  She is incredibly photogenic and such a doll to work with.


Little Charlie was the youngest at 2 years old…. but just look at what I was able to capture – SO many wonderful expressions.  She really listened to what I was saying and is a living, breathing doll.  I couldn’t be more excited when her momma loved them too.


Then we have Chandler (also known as Chan Chan) who  has never really wanted to cooperate with me since birth.  But just look at her now – she is all STYLE (her words) and fancy.  I couldn’t love her more!


Sweet, somewhat shy, Reece was just regal.  That’s the best way to describe her – regal.  You can just

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tell that she is going to do great things one day.  She is exquisite and she has lips most women would pay a lot of money for!


These two beauties are new to my studio – they are actually my insurance agents children.  How much fun we had – that little rascal gave me a run for my money because she was so funny and full of energy and for her not to smile was really hard.  What a happy kid.  Her big sister – well let’s just say this child really needs to become a model.  She has absolutely everything that is required to model.  Linda Layman are you reading this?


And lastly, the exquisite Karter – she’s  a total knockout just like her mother.  Sweet as pie, smart as can be and incredibly photogenic.

If you would like to sign up for my next BOHO sessions it’s coming back by popular demand June 11th.

Backdrops: Lemondrop Shop

Floral Design:  @FeteAndFlor on Instagram

Dresses: Raineys Closet

Pet Photography – an act of love

I never thought I would add Pet Photographer to my resume!!

What started out as an act of love after my own dog passed, has become something I really enjoy doing!  During this #shutdown in order to keep my sanity I needed a creative outlet.   With so many people adopting pets right now, I just couldn’t resist. You can use the professionals from site to train your dog to pose good for all the pics.

Meet Chipper – he’s a sweet pup with FIVE  little boys to love.  To say Tom and Lauren have their hands full is a complete understatement, but they do it with grace and a lot of love.


Using the same techniques I use with a newborn baby I have created sweet images for the owners to cherish.  My favorite photo of Marty hangs with his collar in my studio – ready to greet each person as they walk in the doorway.  I want these pet owners to have the same kind of images for their homes. The day training from Ridgeside K9 Ohio can help with training their puppy right before photo day.

IMG 1007

IMG 0993

IMG 0990

IMG 0975

Of course, using cute props and ties sure make a handsome boy even cuter!

Backdrops: Lemondrop Shop 

If you have a beloved pet, please contact me to schedule a photo session.


Introducing Ruby – a puppy that will melt your heart!

My friend Terra has a lot going on in her life – she’s an amazing interior designer, mother of a LOT of active kids, and now mother to this sweet adorable puppy named Ruby.   Her favorite color is also purple – so I knew I had to incorporate purple into one of the sets.


Ruby is like 2 pounds – she’s tiny and oh so sweet.  I hope you enjoy all these images of her!  

RubyFreshFocus Ruby2FreshFocus

I just love these Lemondrop Shop backdrops!!!  

Ruby3FreshFocus Ruby4FreshFocus

If you have a pet you would like photographed please leave a comment or contact me here – I would love to capture that unconditional love for you.


Brenda named one of Tulsa’s Best Baby Photographers

Recently I was named one of Tulsa’s Best Baby Photographers – what an honor!  It’s difficult to stand out in a crowd, but due to Brenda’s commitment to safety, reputation, experience, availability and professional,


she stands out as an expert in the field of newborn baby photography.

The fact that I was featured on this list means that I have pleased my clients and created lasting memories for them.  That is truly priceless to me, especially in todays current events.  

LavenderFreshFocus copy
Fresh From God


As a professional newborn photography studio, I realize that the parents are placing an enormous amount of trust in me and my team of assistants.  A lot of photographers do not work with assistants and I feel that is very dangerous.  My sole responsibility is to ensure the safety of your baby FIRST and then create dreamy photos of your baby.  Having a second trained person at my sessions allows me to do my creative thing while they are watching/spotting your babe. The careful craftsmanship, training with the best baby products and making a comfortable, safe environment enables us to capture these beautiful portraits  and that is what separates us from the rest.  We work flawlessly as a team on all sessions.


As a small business owner nothing is more important to me than you the customer! My goal to to provide exceptional customer service at an affordable price. I invite you to take a look at my Google reviews to see how I’m doing.  I want you to feel comfortable that you are going with the best newborn baby photographer, because you deserve the best!  I actually lowered my prices in 2020 so I would be able to serve more people at a reasonable rate so please check out my product pricing and session fees


I have over 21 year of experience as a photographer!  I also specialize in Family, Boudoir and High School Senior photography.  Pet photography has become a passion of mine also.  


My studio is located in the heart of Tulsa at 7146 S. Braden Avenue Suite 600 (conveniently located near the corner of Yale and 71st).  Inside the doors of this office complex is where all the magic happens.  I have well over 100 backdrops, floor drops, props, wardrobe and accessories to make each session unique and beautiful.

I hope to be able to serve you in some way during 2020.  

Pet Photography at Fresh Focus Photography

Pet photography at Fresh Focus Photography has become a passion of mine recently. Some of you may know that right before the Covid-19 shut down, I lost my Mini Labradoodle, Marty. He was at my side for the last 14 years and has been my studio mascott for that entire time. Marty and I were on the cover of Tulsa People Magazine.  Those of you who knew him loved him because he was gentle, polite and cute as he could be.

May2013 1
Earning Their Keep Tulsa People


So getting great images of your pet has become something that I want for all pet owners.  You will cherish it when they pass and it will bring great comfort to you on days when you could use a  wagging tail to greet you.

11170299 817298195050215 2027189448948565281 o 2
Marty age 11
IMG 1035
The sweetest Valentine

As you all know my studio is closed until May, hopefully not longer. Once things settle down I will be waiting for all your beautiful babies to come see me for their newborn sessions or milestone sessions. Remember that just because your baby may be 1 or 2 months old, I have worked with older newborns and am very confident in my abilities to capture images you will love.

I’m also working on several themed mini sessions for girls and for boys (finally). As well as planning to do some very fun, creative family sessions. So I plan to be really busy once May gets here and I’ll be having special rates that will run thru the summer time.

We’ve all had to give up so much, and family is more important than ever, so why not schedule a family session and allow me to capture the love and connection you have with your children? There is no better time than getting this done THIS YEAR!

In the meantime enjoy these new pet photos.

2 week old grey kitten
Mini Bernie Doodle
Sweet Persian Baby Kitten
Golden Puppies

If you would like to schedule your family, pet or baby for photos please contact me and I will be happy to be of service.


Making Family Wardrobe Choices Easy | Tulsa Family Photography

Family photos are a legacy for your family, but we definitely don’t want that photo to be dated in 10 years! My photography style always has tended towards clean, classic, and timeless. I tell my clients to keep in mind when they are choosing their family wardrobe that is available in this famous walk in closet designer shop. So I am happy to help make your family wardrobe choices easy.


Let Your Aesthetics Dictate the Palette:

First and foremost, where are you going to be hanging your family wall art? Look around the room and let your eye fall on the colors in that room. Most people are attracted to specific colors and feature them in their homes.  This is a great place to start! So, for example, if you like the color yellow, you may want to add in a pop of yellow color with a scarf, or headband for your child, or a sunny yellow cardigan. Pairing bold colors with neutrals like gray or beige or even denim is always a good choice.  

Now, let’s talk about trends. They are not altogether bad, and some trendy outfits are adorable, especially on kids. But always consider the outfit with an eye towards the future. When in doubt, go for timeless and add in trending accessories to personalize.

One of my favorite places to send clients to search for their family wardrobe is J Crew and Crewcuts.  You can find clothing for everyone in pallets that will work together.  They are fashion forward and classic in style, so your photo will look stylish and beautiful for years to come.


Season and Location:

Now let’s consider your session location. First, let’s talk about practicality! If we’re going to be in an area that could potentially be muddy, you will need the correct shoes. If we’re going to be at the lake or beach, how about flip-flops or bare feet?  Will it potentially be cold or breezy? How about cardigans or wraps or scarves? There are so many great accessories, and layers you can use so your family is not cold or miserable during the session.

Next, think about the color and tonality and how your family wardrobe should complement that area. Visit for more ideas.  Think about the layers of color you might have such as in the fall, golds, greens, oranges, reds.  In the summers, greens, blues, whites, and pastels.  

Start with One Key Outfit:

Pick the outfit you love and build the others around it. Don’t think so much in terms of matchy-matchy, but more in terms of staying in the same color palette. An easy tip is to look at the colors in a pattern you are considering and seeing if you have a shirt or sweater in that color that compliments nicely.  I find that often if you do it this way you’ll be surprised at what you have available in your closets rather than having to go out and buy all new outfits! 

New outfits can sometimes cause kids to be anxious, so if you have some “tried and trues” and then buy a new sweater or shoes, that may be more exciting to them than stressful. And if your kids have favorite stuffed animals, blankets, or anything else that defines this point in their lives, bring it along!  Not only will it make them feel more secure, but it will also really personalize the photos and capture them as they are. As cliché as it is, they really do grow so fast, and sometimes their quirks are the best part of the photos.

I want to see your personalities SHINE in these photos! Yes, your outfits matter, and YES, you want to have beautiful photos to show your family and friends. But the best compliment you can get on your family photos is that everyone’s light and personality shines through the photograph.


Family Wardrobe|FreshFocusPhotography
Knowing this location has a bright yellow VW Van made it easy to suggest a more catusal and neutral color scheme for their family wardrobe.


Fall Family Wardrobe|FreshFocusPhotography
This Fall Session was in a perfect location with lots of subtle color in the background. Their wardrobe choices are what I consider perfect because of the rich hues and the neutral aspects.

If you have questions about what you should wear for your family photo session in the Tulsa area, I am always happy to help!  

Need a Hair/Makeup Artist?  I know several that will be happy to come to your home to get mom looking her best!





It’s Cake Smash Time at Fresh Focus Photography Studio

Hi again, everyone!

I have a hard time facing the fact that little Quinley is already a whole year old. But you know what 1-year-old birthdays mean? Cake. And smashing cakes, of course! 

Before I get to the fun circus themed photos I know you came here for, I have to share pictures from babyQuinley’s previous milestone sessions. I cannot believe how fast the time has gone!

At her newborn session, this photo of her with my mint wrap and matching headband from Custom Photo Props was just beautiful.

IMG 0035 1

Four months later – look at how much she changed…. a little butter ball full of smiles and personality.  Not to mention a perfect rosy complextion.

IMG 0056 IMG 0131

Four month later at her 8 month session – she was laughing and sitting and just a joy for me to photograph.  This little vintage looking outfit is from Mia Joy one of my favorite clothing vendors for photography.

IMG 2534 IMG 2546


And that, my friends, brings us to (his/her) 1-year photo session complete with smash the cake photos.  

TulsaBabyPhotographerBrendaHoran TulsaCakeSmashBrendaHoran

P.S. Want to learn more about my milestone packages? My BabyCAKES program is 4 sessions during the course of one year.  Sign up and don’t miss any of your baby’s first year.


Boudoir Photography with a Fresh Focus

Ooh la la! 


Today I have a very special boudoir blog post for you. It features multiple stunning, gorgeous, voluptuous women who have been an absolute pleasure to work with.  


This shows off my style perfectly – a little Classic, Hollywood Glamour.


When a client comes into the Fresh Focus Photography Studio for a boudoir session, they typically are quite nervous.  Understandably so!!!  It’s my job to make they feel comfortable and confident.   It all starts with getting a great hair and makeup artist to come into the studio to work with the client before the photo session takes place.  I work with two extremely talented HMA and they know what needs to be done to produce quality photos!  Clients walk in with clean hair and clean face, and walk out looking like super models!  I’m not kidding!


Once clients are finished getting pampered and perfected, we begin the shoot.  There’s no need to worry,  I show each client how to pose in ways that suit their body.  As a result, I am able to camouflage things about their body they might not want to feature with lighting and specific posing.  This is how I am able to differentiate myself from other photographers.   So after about five minutes, the client is not nervous at all and actually having fun!


This is key to any boudoir session – making the client look good, feel good and so they will be thrilled with their image collection at the end of the session.  


I have a few rules:

no men will be in the studio while shooting,

no nudity,

every pose is classy,

and client permission is required for me to use any images for promotional purposes.

If you are interested in booking a Boudoir Session please contact me at 918.704.4399.  I will be happy to discuss the details with you.


A Krispy Kreme Cake Smash

Hi everyone!

I have a hard time facing the fact that little Jayda is already a whole year old. But you know what 1-year-old birthdays mean?

Cake. And smashing cakes, of course! 

In this case, I thought it might be fun to do a donut theme. Since Krispy Kreme’s  green color sort of matches my studio couch…. that is where I drew my inspiration.

Before I get to the fabulous photos I know you came here for, I have to share pictures from baby Jayda’s previous newborn session. I cannot believe how fast the time has gone!

NewbornPhotographer TulsaBrendaHoranThe star is, of course, sweet little Jayda, who was born last year. I’m doubly excited, though, because her older sister, Jenavieve was also on the scene. Having them both there made for so much cuteness I could hardly stand it! See for yourself!

Tulsa Newborn PhotographerBHoran

Tulsa Baby PhotographerBrendaHoran

So back to the here and now:

As you can see, Jayda had so much fun at her smash cake session. (Who wouldn’t, am I right?)

KrispyKremeBrendaHoran 2

You do not want to miss the other photos we shot before she got all messy with donuts!

Tulsa Baby Photographer Blue 1And she even had a quick milk bath!

MilkBathBrendaHoran 1

P.S. Want to learn more about my WatchMEgrow sessions?  Just send me a message on my website.
Fresh Focus Photography
I’ll be in touch with you right away to start planning an amazing milestone session for your baby!
~ Brenda


All backdrops and floordrops used are by my favorite backdrop company:  Lemondrop Shop

Blue Headband and baby bathtub by Custom Photo Props.