Introducing Ruby – a puppy that will melt your heart!

My friend Terra has a lot going on in her life – she’s an amazing interior designer, mother of a LOT of active kids, and now mother to this sweet adorable puppy named Ruby.   Her favorite color is also purple – so I knew I had to incorporate purple into one of the sets.


Ruby is like 2 pounds – she’s tiny and oh so sweet.  I hope you enjoy all these images of her!  

RubyFreshFocus Ruby2FreshFocus

I just love these Lemondrop Shop backdrops!!!  

Ruby3FreshFocus Ruby4FreshFocus

If you have a pet you would like photographed please leave a comment or contact me here – I would love to capture that unconditional love for you.


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    1. I’m telling you – it’s a good thing we already have two unruly dogs at home or I would make the plunge and get a puppy.

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