Merry Christmas from Santa’s Workshop

Walking into Santa’s Workshop and hearing Santa greet you with a “Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas”  is just what you get when you come to Brenda Horan Photography.  To children’s delight, the studio is transformed into a rustic workshop where Santa can interact with your child during one of our yearly, Limited Edition photo sessions.

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Nothing makes it more personal than having grandma or grandpa join them in this amazing experience.

Grandma tells her tale of the night she visited Santa's workshop when she was a little girl.
Grandma tells her tale of the night she visited Santa’s workshop when she was a little girl.

This year, one of my favorite little clients came in for his  first Workshop experience.  He couldn’t have  been more perfect either.  His expressions were just on  point.

The Workbench was given a new facelift this year, and includes vintage tools that took me several trips to antique shops to find.

Building a toy on Santa's creaky old work bench.
Building a toy on Santa’s creaky old work bench.

It’s always fun to sing a little song with Santa on magical musical instruments.

Jingle Bells Batman Smells
Jingle Bells Batman Smells

Playing a game with Santa can be fun.  Older kids love to play Candy Land.  But most boys love to play with toy trains.

Trains are always popular with little boys
Trains are always popular with little boys

When your name is on the “nice” list, you get asked “What would you like for Christmas this year?”   If you don’t have your list ready, you get to type it out on a vintage type writer!

Typing his Wish List to Santa
Typing his Wish List to Santa

In order for Santa to deliver toys to all the girls and boys around the world in a single night, he needs to use Christmas Magic!

Christmas Magic stops time
Christmas Magic stops time

When your tummy gets rumbly – out come freshly baked cookies and milk.  First we give thanks…

Praying to give Thanks.
Praying to give Thanks.

Then Santa pours a glass of milk…

carefully pouring the milk
carefully pouring the milk

Then we eat the cookies!


All the props in this set have been carefully selected to create what I consider to be an authentic, vintage workshop feel.  Everything is worn with time and love.  Creating a set that is sure to make you want to read this Christmas tale again and again, year after year.

At Brenda Horan Photography, Santa visits the studio in October, so if you are interested, it’s never to late to book your appointment as I only shoot 5-7 of these limited edition sessions per year.

From my family to yours, I wish you the most blessed Merry Christmas ever.


I have put my heart and soul into this…

If you build it, they will come…..  a few years ago I shopped for weeks buying antiques, worked with friends to create the perfect environment and then Santa enchanted every child that showed up for these special sessions in my studio.  I have put my heart and soul into this photo session – it’s something I believe every parent or grandparent should do with their kids.  You won’t  regret the money spent – and the Heirloom Storybook you receive will be cherished for your lifetime and theirs.

In fact, this is a great gift idea for grandparents to give their grandchildren instead of toys… it will make a long lasting impact, even when you are gone.

Blogged here is a typical Santa Workshop Session – a fabulous time to interact with Santa that your child will never forget.  We build a story book around these images (written by the talented Jessica Swift Rice) that becomes a family heirloom and worth every penny.  Mothers cry when they see the story come to life with images of their children!    I hope you will enjoy!


Pop telling the children about his adventure when he was a little boy.


Now it’s time for their dreams to come true.  They wake up in Santa’s workshop – can it be true?  The joy on a childs face when they meet Santa is priceless.


Playing with toys in the workshop is something they will never forget.


Building a toy for another child is how Santa teaches them the importance of giving of themselves for one another.


Having Santa read your Dear Santa letter while your sister types her own Dear Santa…. just precious.


Sharing Cookies and milk with Santa is the BEST THING ever!


Then Santa explaines that in order for him to deliver gifts to all the children around the world, he must use Christmas Magic to stop time.

The story ends with the kids back in their bed,  fast asleep, and Santa tucking a little something in their stockings.

Brenda Horan


Custom Christmas Cards:Designed with you in mind

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… and we are getting ready for it!!  


It is that time of year to start thinking about Christmas lists and putting together a wonderful card or letter to send out to all of your family and friends.  We are here to help!  We wanted to showcase a few of our products to help you get a jump start on your holiday shopping. Brenda and Vanessa have been extremely busy designing and creating some absolutely gorgeous Christmas cards. You can view all of the templates we offer our clients HERE. We love giving each client a personal touch to their products. Whether it’s the choice of wording or the subtle change in color so the card coordinates perfectly with our clients images, we completely customize each and every order.

Who wouldn’t enjoy getting a perfectly captured card of you and your loved ones?!…

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Kids Portraits: Welcoming Santa to the Brenda Horan Photography Studio

Have you heard? Santa is making his way to the Brenda Horan Photography Studio in a few short weeks.

He will be traveling all the way from the North Pole to Tulsa, just to spend quality time with our little clients. It’s an experience your child will spend days talking about. You don’t want to miss out on this one of a kind, treasured experience. It’s a fabulous time for your child to interact with Santa like never before. They will drink milk and eat cookies with him, build a toy, play games, get to type on his typewriter, and even experience a little Christmas magic all in the same session. He will have your child in complete awe and admiration.


Look at that sweet smile. Karter is so happy to be enjoying some quality time with Santa.
Look at that sweet smile. Karter is so happy to be enjoying some quality time with Santa.

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