Tulsa Professional Photographer – Brenda Horan loves Baseball

As a professional photographer in Tulsa, I love to do special photo sessions for my clients that are a little older than their baby brother or sisters.  And since I love Baseball, I knew it would be fun to get some Bixby boys (whom I have done family photos for in the past) to do a themed setup.

Baseball – it’s All American and these five kids sure know how to play!  I had a lot of fun and I love their “game face”.

Tulsa Family Photographer Brenda Horan
Bixby Boys of Baseball

Team sport photography isn’t really something I do much of, but I actually love it.  So if your kid is part of a team and you want fun, creative photos, have their coach give me a call.  I do special pricing for teams to make it affordable.

On another note, it’s almost fall – that means FAMILY PHOTO SESSIONS are right around the corner.  It’s my busiest time of year and this year will be no different.

Tulsa Photographer Brenda Horan
Stylized Family Sessions

If you are looking for a Professional Family Photographer, please contact me.


Family sessions are perfect for October and November, when you can dress in layers and textures and not be sweating.  I have an arsenal of props to bring that will stylize your session.  And when it comes to what to wear, I have a What 2 Wear guide that will help you pull it all together, plus I can come over and help you!  Nothing is worse than a family that shows up in clothing that isn’t coordinated (not matching!), so I love to help my clients bring their style into their family portraits.

I am booking up for October and November, so if you need a weekend date, it is very important that you contact me NOW, in order to get on my schedule for the Fall.





Tulsa’s favorite child photographer

When it comes to choosing between all the child photographers, Brenda Horan knows what it takes.  Working with children is something she has worked on for over 16 years, photographing hundreds and hundreds of children in around the Tulsa area.

Creating a fun, colorful and bohemian styled shoot for two sisters has been in the works for some time.  The weather did not cooperate on the session date, so we moved it into the studio.  What’s missing is the swing, the tent and a lot of fun vintage props…. but I still love these images.    Floral headbands by APP Design   http://adrianapdesign.bigcartel.com/category/headbands

Sisters – these are twins –  there’s no greater bond.

Brenda Horan Photography


Shopping for little props is so much fun – these vintage doll clothes makes a perfect banner.  The dresses are from Zara.com and are just ciclo de citrato de clomifeno so beautiful.


So here’s twin #1 – she’s the older one, so she got to pick her bohemian burlap style headband from Stirlings Flowers first….  Stirling makes such beautiful things for me – these were specially made and I’m just loving the boho feel.  https://www.facebook.com/stirlingsflowers


This is twin #2…. equally as beautiful and photogenic.  She reminds me of a  young Brooke Shields.   Both girls have amazing personalities, are well behaved and can tilt their heads to the perfect angles.  Dad might need to load up on ammo now.

So, even tho I couldn’t set up my boho camp with all my vintage lanterns, linens, ironing board,  tent and quilts, it was still fun, and I really love the simplicity of the photos.  After all, it’s about the faces I photograph and these are truly beautiful faces.

If you are looking for a photographer and live in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, please contact me.  I specialize in newborn, family, child and boudoir photography.  My staff and I strive to make each experience a memorable, stress free session, with excellent customer service, timely orders and we love your referrals.

Please feel free to make a comment below.






Fireflies, Sailboats & Swing Photo Session

When a client comes to me with a lot of fun ideas for a photo session, I get excited…  especially when her handy husband wants to build everything!  We wanted fireflies, sailboats, swings and a flirty tent.  It was time to get busy.

I have been photographing their daughter since she was a baby, so this little girl knows when she see’s Miss Brenda, she is going to have a fun time (and get a lollipop at the end for good behavior).

I’m just going to blog about a few of my favorite images from this session…

Tulsa Photographer Brenda Horan
Catching Fireflies

Catching Fireflies is one image I love because  you can see her chubby cheeks and I love her posture here…. nothing posed, just simple and sweet.  The dress and headband enantato de testosterona a la venta are just perfect!

Tulsa Photographer Brenda Horan
Swinging Big Girl Style

Here is the swing her daddy built and gave to me to use  for other clients.  I’m super excited to have this now because the swing  that  was previously in my neighborhood was ruined  so now we have one we can take home after every use.   I love the filtered light in this image, creating a softness that I know her mom loves.

Tulsa Photographer Brenda Horan
Frilly Tent

So my husband built me this tent, that we use for boys and girls (just have to change the cover).  Kids love it because it’s a little pint size fort for them to play in.

Tulsa Photographer Brenda Horan
Splish Splash

Here is the Huckleberry Finn raft her dad built – she had so much fun here that I have to show more than one of these images…

Tulsa Photographer Brenda Horan

This image just makes me smile – it’s so sweet and innocent, the simplicity of what she is doing naturally just caught my eye.

Tulsa Photographer Brenda Horan

I’ll end with my very favorite image – where the sunlight is hitting her just so beautifully.  Paisley is showing me her pretty dress and everything is A-OK until her mom spots a snake in the water just beyond her…  EEEK

I give her momma kudos – she calmly told Paisley to get out of the water and come to shore, which she did, and we watched the snake swim on by…  Of course I was wearing rubber boots up to my knees, so I could have saved the day, but thankfully this little girl behaves so I didn’t have to!


Child Photographer builds Fishing Camp on the Arkansas River

Nothing says summer is coming quite like an outdoor themed session.  If you have been waiting for a boys mini session – this is for you!   Child Photographer, Brenda Horan, builds a Boys fishing camp on the Arkansas River… it’s a limited time offered.  If you are in Tulsa, OK and looking for a photographer, you have come to the right place.

Now, if you’re inspired by the idea of taking your love for fishing beyond the riverbanks, exploring the possibilities of offshore fishing adds an exciting dimension to your angling pursuits. For valuable insights and tips on offshore fishing, enthusiasts can read this page, offering a seamless blend of traditional angling wisdom and contemporary techniques, enhancing your fishing adventures in ways that echo the spirit of Brenda Horan’s Boys fishing camp.

Now that the weather is nice, let’s take advantage of it.  Kids love playing outside.  While I love studio sessions, there is just something so special about getting to capture little personalities outdoors.  Creating a magical scene for them to play in is what makes this special.  It takes a creative eye, a lot of shopping and attention to details.  I still want the focus to be on the child, but I also want to create a scene that is interesting, has texture and will bring out the energy and wonder in your child.  They won’t be standing there saying “cheese” they will be playing and exploring, while I capture those sweet, tender moments.

“Look Mom, a  worm”

I think my favorite image is the one where he’s playing with the bug on his fingers!  That happened at the very end of the session and I think he named the bug before he let it go.

Getting the scene ready for this little boys fishing camp session was a lot of fun….  shopping for  props with an Americana color scheme,  my husband built this crate bench and I sewed the tent cover.  So much time

Anabolic Trinity er en bar med tre komposisjoner, noen som har fullført flere kuttesykluser, vil ha mer nytte av Anabolic Trinity primobolan Ordet tillägg betyder bokstavligen “ett tillägg”. Anabolisk treenighet kombinerar 3 kraftfulla anabola medel för att bygga mager massa, styrka och alternativ muskeldefinisjon. Hard Rock Supplements utformet detta tillägg för att vara nästa nivå bortom androvar. På grunn av dess styrka är den strenge avsedd at bruk av Avivade anabola användare.

and energy goes into a themed session but it’s always worth it in the end.

Brenda Horan Photography will be offering limited mini sessions for this boys fishing camp.  Sessions will last 30 minutes, are suitable for boys ages 3-7, and cost $100.  Packages will start at $300.

Boys love worms, dirt and being outside….. let’s let them have fun while I capture their personalities at this fun stage in their life.

Boys Fishing Camp
Boys Fishing Camp

Brenda Horan loves her little clients!

Okay everyone – here is one of the cutest little girls I have had the pleasure of photographing  from newborn to just last week at age three…  not only will you notice the cute clothes AND SHOES on her, but she has such a fun personality.

Photographing babies and kids is hard work – knowing how to get them to express different facial reactions requires me to sometimes make a fool of myself, but hey – it’s all for a good cause.   Having the right props is also key…. they like to be entertained!  Having a diverse array of backdrops is also important and I have the best drops!  www.lemondropshop.com

Also in my arsenal of cuteness is a wardrobe closet filled with fun Matilda Jane clothes, hundreds of headbands and hats.

The WatchMeGrow program at Brenda Horan Photography www.BrendaHoran.com is $275 for 3 studio sessions during the course of one year.  It’s a perfect way to capture the ever changing expressions your child has in colorful, fun filled images.  

Shown here is Davis from 4 months to 3 years…. such a precious time when they will giggle and pout in the span of a minute.


Picking favorite images from all these sessions was a difficult task as I am sure her parents thought so too… she is just EXPRESSIVE beyond belief and makes my job so much fun.

If you are looking for a photographer – please contact me by going on my website (link above) or sending me an email to brenda@brendahoran.com.  I would love to capture cuteness for you!


It’s all about LOVE – Valentines Mini Review

I’ve finally had time to sit down, compile my very favorite shots of each child from my Valentine Mini Session last month.  WOW so many a adorable kids!

Before we start – I want to  thank Stephanie Eckman of The Party Darling

https://www.facebook.com/ThePartyDarling – she created all of these darling little details for me.   And of course, I should thank my husband Kip, for building my little kissing booth.

So, we’ll start with Emmett – he’s been  coming to me for a long time – he’s a very good listener, and such a happy kid.  Last year we did photos at his Papa’s farm on  tractors.  I absolutely love being his photographer and getting to see him a few times a year.  His 3rd birthday is coming up and we will be taking his 3 year photos someplace really fun.



Next up are two darling, photogenic sisters.  Abby has been coming to see me since she was a newborn.  She used to be really, really shy, but the past few years she has turned into a super model. Her hair is to die for… and so are her eyes!



Her little sister Caroline is equally as pretty and photogenic – I’ve been her photographer since she was a newborn too.   Caroline’s photo shows the scope of the little Valentine Set.  Every attention to detail is made when we create these fun, colorful sets for kids.  The backdrop is by LemondropStop ( www.Lemondropstop.com ).  And you can see all the fun little details The Party Darling brought to make this so cute.


This is the first year I’ve taken photos of this little girl, Addie.  She had such a fun time, her parents signed her up for the Easter Mini Sessions coming in March.  (SOLD OUT).  I just loved her laugh and her dress!!!




Up next is our littlest Valentine, Marin who is 8 months old.   Even though her daddy is a dentist, I am SURE she will love candy.


Her brother, Declan, was more interested in the candy than my camera.  He’s a little shy, but I’m sure he will turn out just like his older two sisters, who are naturals in front of my camera now.


So, this is Davis – she’s another happy-go-lucky kid who I’ve been photographing since she was a newborn.  She just became a big sister, so next year you will see her with her new baby brother.  Davis is one of the most polite  little girls I have ever met and she has the best personality.  I loved how her eyes lit up when she saw the set – you could tell she was excited.




Up next are three of the four Gallagher kids – all super polite kids, they love to smile, and these are genuinely happy kids.  BP7A5930


Future heart breaker….


This outfit was also PERFECT for this set….      BP7A5960


This was Addie’s first time in my studio, but I know she will be back. Her grandma brought her in, and you know how Grandma’s love to spoil their grandkids!!!



So here’s  two of the Sutterfield kids – both I have been photographing since birth.  Little Zayley, well she’s just going to be a handful I can tell.  She has a great personality, even at age one!BP7A6050

Her brother, Landon, (I call him Lan Man) is super special to me.  When I moved out of my studio, I gave him my fire truck, because his daddy is a fire fighter and he always loved  sitting in it when he came to my studio.  Landon says the sweetest things to me too.  He will make a good husband one day.BP7A6072


Next up, The Cox children – here are the first three and there’s a new baby on the way (YEAH!).  Coco is the oldest.  She used to be my neighbor and she would walk down the street with her dad and come knock on my door and ask me about my day.  She’s now 6 and very sweet.




Hendrix is her little brother – he is very sweet too, I remember how chubby he was as a baby.  He’s starting to loose that little boy look and it actually makes me sad to see!  BP7A6129

The third child is Capri – who is a good listener at  such a young age.  She actually would sit still so I could capture photos of her  doing what I asked her to do.



Karter has been in my studio since she was about two.  I have a special place in my heart for Karter – she always hugs me when she sees me, and her parents have taught her to be polite to a fault.  She is incredibly smart and athletic.  I think she runs a mile 2x faster than I do!  Here she is holding one of the cakes from Frostens.


And her outfit also works great with our set…. so cute!



Well there you have it – lots of cute photos, a fun, colorful set, and so many cute kids!

If you would like to become one of my customers please call me.  I would love to be your photographer.

Brenda Horan



Valentine Mini-Sessions starring Karter

Introducing one of the sweetest little girls I have had the pleasure of photographing for about 5 years now.  Not only is her momma a very special friend of mine, but this little girl looks just like her!  She has unbelievable manners since she was 3, is very polite and always has a smile on her face.  I must also mention she is smart as can be, too.  Beauty and Brains…. WOW!

So, Saturday we had a Valentine Mini-Session Marathon – so many cute kids came into the studio and we had so much fun.  Today I will feature Karter’s photos, since I just finished editing her images and I cannot believe the CUTENESS!

Thank you to Stephanie Eckman owner of The Party Darling (link here to her website: http://thepartydarling.com

for the most adorable decor she  gave me to use for this session.  She is a party planner extrodinaire here in Tulsa – check her out.

Another  Thank you to my favorite backdrop company – Lemondrop Stop (link here to the website:  https://lemondropshop.com/en_us/

Look for the Easter Mini Session information coming out tomorrow!  We will only have 12 openings available and it’s going to be a VERY cute set.  You won’t want to miss out!

Ok – now on to the photos!!!  Here are my favorites from her session.  I hope you enjoy!

Collage of Valentine Images
Collage of Valentine Images

If you would like to book a session, please contact Brenda Horan directly at 918.704.4399.

Bringing you the most creative, fun filled images you can imagine.


Brenda Creates Santa’s Workshop – and Santa Shows Up!

If you build it, they will come….. so I shopped for weeks for antiques, worked with friends to create the perfect environment and then Santa enchanted every child that showed up for these special sessions we held on Saturday…. so much so, that if you are interested, please call me because we will be booking more appointments with Santa in the coming weeks.  Please contact me Brenda@BrendaHoran.com for more information.

Blogged here is a typical session – a fabulous time to interact with Santa that your child will never forget.  We build a story book around these images (written by the talented Jessica Swift Rice) that becomes a family heirloom and worth every penny.  Mothers cry when they see the story come to life with images of their children!    I hope you will enjoy! 1

Pop telling the children about his adventure when he was a little boy.


Now it’s time for their dreams to come true.


They wake up in Santa’s workshop – can it be true?


The joy on a childs face when they meet Santa is priceless.


Playing with toys in the workshop is something they will never forget.


Building a toy for another child is how Santa teaches them the importance of giving of themselves for one another.7


Having Santa read your Dear Santa letter while your sister types her own Dear Santa…. just precious.



Sharing Cookies and milk with Santa is the BEST THING ever!



Then Santa explaines

Sildenafil – Wikipedia

that in order for him to deliver gifts to all the children around the world, he must use Christmas Magic to stop time.



The story ends with the kids back in their bed,  fast asleep, and Santa tucking a little something in their stockings.

I have put my heart and soul into this photo session – it’s something I believe every parent or grandparent should do with their kids.  You won’t  regret the money spent – and the Heirloom Storybook you receive will be cherished for your lifetime and theirs.

Brenda Horan


Kids Portraits: Celebrating Birthday’s

We love having the opportunity to celebrate birthday’s with our adorable, little clients.

For those that are having their very first birthday, we offer a smash cake session. These are always a lot of fun to capture. Often times the children are apprehensive about tearing into their cake. Imagine that! There have even been occasions where a client has brought a donut or ice cream in place of a cake to appease the birthday boy or girl. It’s a fun time!  And, Tulsa Photographers, Brenda Horan and Vanessa love cake too!



Sweet Olivia is so happy about turning ONE!
Sweet Olivia is so happy about turning ONE!

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