Making Family Wardrobe Choices Easy | Tulsa Family Photography

Family photos are a legacy for your family, but we definitely don’t want that photo to be dated in 10 years! My photography style always has tended towards clean, classic, and timeless. I tell my clients to keep in mind when they are choosing their family wardrobe that is available in this famous walk in closet designer shop. So I am happy to help make your family wardrobe choices easy.


Let Your Aesthetics Dictate the Palette:

First and foremost, where are you going to be hanging your family wall art? Look around the room and let your eye fall on the colors in that room. Most people are attracted to specific colors and feature them in their homes.  This is a great place to start! So, for example, if you like the color yellow, you may want to add in a pop of yellow color with a scarf, or headband for your child, or a sunny yellow cardigan. Pairing bold colors with neutrals like gray or beige or even denim is always a good choice.  

Now, let’s talk about trends. They are not altogether bad, and some trendy outfits are adorable, especially on kids. But always consider the outfit with an eye towards the future. When in doubt, go for timeless and add in trending accessories to personalize.

One of my favorite places to send clients to search for their family wardrobe is J Crew and Crewcuts.  You can find clothing for everyone in pallets that will work together.  They are fashion forward and classic in style, so your photo will look stylish and beautiful for years to come.


Season and Location:

Now let’s consider your session location. First, let’s talk about practicality! If we’re going to be in an area that could potentially be muddy, you will need the correct shoes. If we’re going to be at the lake or beach, how about flip-flops or bare feet?  Will it potentially be cold or breezy? How about cardigans or wraps or scarves? There are so many great accessories, and layers you can use so your family is not cold or miserable during the session.

Next, think about the color and tonality and how your family wardrobe should complement that area. Visit for more ideas.  Think about the layers of color you might have such as in the fall, golds, greens, oranges, reds.  In the summers, greens, blues, whites, and pastels.  

Start with One Key Outfit:

Pick the outfit you love and build the others around it. Don’t think so much in terms of matchy-matchy, but more in terms of staying in the same color palette. An easy tip is to look at the colors in a pattern you are considering and seeing if you have a shirt or sweater in that color that compliments nicely.  I find that often if you do it this way you’ll be surprised at what you have available in your closets rather than having to go out and buy all new outfits! 

New outfits can sometimes cause kids to be anxious, so if you have some “tried and trues” and then buy a new sweater or shoes, that may be more exciting to them than stressful. And if your kids have favorite stuffed animals, blankets, or anything else that defines this point in their lives, bring it along!  Not only will it make them feel more secure, but it will also really personalize the photos and capture them as they are. As cliché as it is, they really do grow so fast, and sometimes their quirks are the best part of the photos.

I want to see your personalities SHINE in these photos! Yes, your outfits matter, and YES, you want to have beautiful photos to show your family and friends. But the best compliment you can get on your family photos is that everyone’s light and personality shines through the photograph.


Family Wardrobe|FreshFocusPhotography
Knowing this location has a bright yellow VW Van made it easy to suggest a more catusal and neutral color scheme for their family wardrobe.


Fall Family Wardrobe|FreshFocusPhotography
This Fall Session was in a perfect location with lots of subtle color in the background. Their wardrobe choices are what I consider perfect because of the rich hues and the neutral aspects.

If you have questions about what you should wear for your family photo session in the Tulsa area, I am always happy to help!  

Need a Hair/Makeup Artist?  I know several that will be happy to come to your home to get mom looking her best!





What to Wear to Your Family Photo Session

What makes Brenda Horan the right choice as your Tulsa family photographer?  Her attention to detail, the way she poses the entire family, and helping her clients in making wardrobe selections so you know what to wear to your family photo session.

So you’ve decided it’s time for a family photo. Spring and Fall are great seasons to have family photos taken. The weather is usually beautiful and the temperatures are great for being outside. After you book your session, the next step is figuring out what everyone will wear. This is often the most stressful part. Styling for photos can be a bit overwhelming. I wanted to take some of the guesswork out of the process for you.

Deciding where you will display the portrait of your family will help with the wardrobe color scheme as well as choosing the location for the photo shoot. You don’t have to match your family’s wardrobe with your sofa but you don’t want them to fight with each other either. After deciding where your family portrait will be displayed and discussing the location of the photo shoot, you will have some insight as to the color options for your family’s wardrobe. You don’t want to blend with your surroundings but you want them to compliment each other.

 A blog on Favy website says, neutrals, like cream and gray, are always great choices because they are so versatile. If you choose to go with a neutral palette, you will want to use varying shades of gray, beige, and cream. Too much of the same shade can cause the photo to look like a big blob. Layering of different shades of the same color palette is a great way to add interest to a family photo. Also think about using different textures for visual interest.

Different hues of denim can also be a great choice in family photos. Steer clear of really pale shades of denim as darker hues are more timeless.

Timeless colors and textures


Let’s talk about patterns. Not everyone in the photo should be wearing a pattern. You don’t want too much busyness fighting for attention. A great rule of thumb for patterns is to choose a coordinating plaid and or a complimentary floral for a little girl. Pull solid colors from the plaid shirt to choose the wardrobe colors for the other members of the family. Remember, layering with scarves, vests, and hats can add lots of interest to the overall feel of the photo. Sticking to a color palette of three base colors is usually a safe bet for a combination that is pleasing to the eye.

Add just a little bit of pattern for visual interest.

If you need to shop for your family’s wardrobe, many stores like Gap and Old Navy will have coordinating clothing for each member of the family. Don’t forget to shop your own closet for accessories.

Pay attention to shoes as well. It’s best to stick with a neutral brown, black, or gray. You don’t want your feet to steal attention from your beautiful faces.

When you have gathered everyone’s wardrobe together, it is helpful to lay the outfits out on the floor or bed to get a visual feel. This will enable you to see how it will all flow together. It’s really helpful for me to see what you will be wearing as well.  So I’ll request that you send me a picture.

Don’t forget about comfort. It’s really important that you all feel comfortable and natural during your family’s photo shoot. If your little one is wearing scratchy, uncomfortable clothing, we will be hard pressed to get a smile out of them. That goes for the big people too. Uncomfortable clothes will show on your faces.

At the end of the day, you want your family photos to portray the distinct personality of your family. Allow for your individual personalities and style to shine through when choosing your wardrobe. Just stick to the same color palette and you will succeed in capturing the essence of your family at that moment in time.

A pop of color is always nice on a little girl.

We can also discuss even more stylized options to capture your family’s distinct personality at the time you schedule your photo shoot.

Family photos don’t have to be a dreaded event. I want it to be an hour of you being together as a family, having fun, and enjoying each other.

I look forward to working with you to capture your family’s photos.

Dates are filling up for Spring, so call soon to reserve your appointment.

Tulsa Professional Photographer – Brenda Horan loves Baseball

As a professional photographer in Tulsa, I love to do special photo sessions for my clients that are a little older than their baby brother or sisters.  And since I love Baseball, I knew it would be fun to get some Bixby boys (whom I have done family photos for in the past) to do a themed setup.

Baseball – it’s All American and these five kids sure know how to play!  I had a lot of fun and I love their “game face”.

Tulsa Family Photographer Brenda Horan
Bixby Boys of Baseball

Team sport photography isn’t really something I do much of, but I actually love it.  So if your kid is part of a team and you want fun, creative photos, have their coach give me a call.  I do special pricing for teams to make it affordable.

On another note, it’s almost fall – that means FAMILY PHOTO SESSIONS are right around the corner.  It’s my busiest time of year and this year will be no different.

Tulsa Photographer Brenda Horan
Stylized Family Sessions

If you are looking for a Professional Family Photographer, please contact me.

Family sessions are perfect for October and November, when you can dress in layers and textures and not be sweating.  I have an arsenal of props to bring that will stylize your session.  And when it comes to what to wear, I have a What 2 Wear guide that will help you pull it all together, plus I can come over and help you!  Nothing is worse than a family that shows up in clothing that isn’t coordinated (not matching!), so I love to help my clients bring their style into their family portraits.

I am booking up for October and November, so if you need a weekend date, it is very important that you contact me NOW, in order to get on my schedule for the Fall.





Family Photographer captures sweet times.

When I set out to become a family photographer, I knew I wanted to capture the family unit by capturing the sweet times when kids are little and they still want to hug  your neck.   Planning a family session outdoors involves a lot of things, like hauling out props and furniture.  But during the winter, I like to keep it clean and simple.  This session I shot last week is just that – clean and simple in a modern way.

Here’s a great example:  Mom, dad and their two year old.  Mom is Mrs. Broken Arrow  (click on that link to read all about her and her amazing platform) and I can vouch that this woman is not only gorgeous, but beautiful on the inside as well.  Her southern accent is just so adorable,  I could listen to her for hours.   Dad is a chess pro and I always tease him that he’s an Muhammad Ali lookalike.  (Right?)   And of course, their son, whom I’ve been taking his photos since he was born.  He has such a big personality, I just love him to pieces.


Simple white and jeans…. might seem a bit 1990’s outdoors, but indoors it looks fresh and modern – bringing the emphasis on the faces.


Capturing them close together shows the tight connection of this little family of 3.


Being a momma’s boy never looked so cute.

Sharing a smooch with

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then giggling about it…..



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the delight of getting a smooch from your pretty momma….. what a sweet capture.


Riding high on daddy’s shoulders is fun!  What little boy doesn’t love this?

When choosing a family photographer, look for one who’s portfolio  you love, who will be consistent in capturing images you will enjoy for a lifetime.  I have been in business since 1999 and I strive to give you memories that will always bring a smile to your face.

Please contact me so we can plan your next session.




What 2 Wear – Family Photo Session

The first thing I do when I’m building my family’s wardrobe for our yearly photo session is decide where I’m going to hang the portrait.  I want to be able to enjoy these images so I always hang my family portrait.  Once I  choose the location, I look around the room and take in all  the colors

Ik hoef niet vele jaren te wachten op de resultaten van deze maand. Maar overdrijf de calorieën tijdens deze periode niet. Ze is een belangrijke professional modafinil bestellen spieren opbouwen en kracht vergroten. Het bestaat uit zeven krachtige vleesopbouwende ingrediënten,

of my furnishings.  My house has a lot of aqua, grey and peacock blue.  So last year, this was our family image.  

Brenda's Family
Brenda’s Family

So, my advice to my clients is to look around their home for color inspiration.  You wouldn’t want to wear a bunch of orange when you have green and burgundy in your home.  It would just clash.  The colors of your room will dictate what is going to look the best in your portrait.   Keep in mind that neutrals like cream and gray can match pretty much anything, and there are varying shades of grey so everyone isn’t in all charcoal – making the photo a big blob.

Different hues of denim can also be helpful, but I would suggest staying clear o really pale shades of denim, go for darker hues.  It’s more timeless.

Where to start?   I love pattern, but not  everyone should be wearing a pattern.  Little girls can easily wear a print, and mom can then start to coordinate everyones outfits around that.  Checks are my favorite on boys.  Men can stick to basics but layer for interest.  Stick to a color palette of three colors and you should be safe.

Tips to Remember:

Keep the location and season in mind.

Pay attention to things like shoes, hair and nails.

Accessorize with jewlery findings, hats, scarves and vests.

Bring hair brush and hair spray if it’s a windy day.

Look at these suggestions to get inspiration.


Lots of stores, like Gap have clothing for the family and stick to the similar color hues in all their departments.  It’s pretty

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easy to pull looks together once you know what your color palette is.   Adding accessories you already have will make it more personal.

If you are considering a family session with me, I am happy to help you pull your looks together.  I have an array of things I can bring to stylized sessions that will add a bit of interest.  I just need to know what you will be wearing!

Visit My Portfolio of Family Images Here


Mathias Family – captured year after year

When a family shows me loyalty year after year, it warms my heart.  Yes, there are a zillion photographers in our area, but deveoping a lasting relationship and providing top quality images are what I strive for all my customers.

Meet Jessica and Jarod Mathias.

Jessica called me over 4 years ago when she was pregnant with her daughter.  They had a little boy already but she wanted some family/maternity photos.  I have been shooting their images ever since.

So, what I’m posting about today is the change children make in just one year.  It’s a good thing to do family photos EVERY year – especially around this time of year when the air is cool and you can wear layers.

In 2013 we did an urban session (photo below) when Aubrey was only 3 years old and still a little shy.  We used True Blue, my 56 Chevy Truck as a prop because Jarod loves Classic vehicles.


These photos are fun, colorful and really showcase the love and tenderness these kids have for one another.  Not to mention the affection mom and dad have for each other.  I just love that.   And I love that Jessica isn’t afraid of bold colorful colors.

Now, fast forward one year to last week’s session – the kids are older, bigger and we still capture the same love, affection and family unit in a park setting with little use of props during a mini session.  Clients chose a more muted color scheme to offset the bright green scenery.  I love the attention to detail Jessica has – from the hair accessories, to the boots on Aubrey with the leopard trim.  These details make portraits so much more interesting.


I still have a few Fall Family sessions available – specifically on November 22 and November 29th.  If you are wanting priceless images, please call me at 918-704-4399.




Family Sessions: Stylized Outdoor Shoots


I was watching Tulsa photographers, Brenda and Vanessa do some editing today and could not help but admire the images that were captured over these past few weeks. Each session, in a different location, and absolutely gorgeous! Kudos to Brenda and Vanessa for being so talented, for capturing the fun-loving side of each family and kudos to these beautiful families for pulling off a perfectly stylized family session! We have amazing clients here at the Brenda Horan Photography Studio. I just love consulting with them about the details of their session and then watching the session unfold with perfectly captured memories…they are timeless.




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Family Portraits: Fall Stylized Family Sessions

We are now upon our busiest season of all, Fall. It’s October which means our family sessions are in full swing.


I was watching Tulsa photographers, Brenda and Vanessa do some editing today and could not help but admire the images that were captured over this past weekend. Each session, in a different location, and absolutely gorgeous! Kudos to Brenda and Vanessa for being so talented, for capturing the fun-loving side of each family and kudos to these beautiful families for pulling off a perfectly stylized family session! We have amazing clients here at the Brenda Horan Photography Studio. I just love consulting with them about the details of their session and then watching the session unfold with perfectly captured memories…they are timeless.


The Johnson family, so beautiful and photogenic!

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Family Portraits: Fall Stylized Family Sessions

Fall is in the air here in Tulsa…

…which means Tulsa Photographer, Brenda Horan,  is booking fall family, outdoor-stylized sessions.  Wether your family is drawn to the cool crisp air of the country setting or the edgy, textures of an urban session, or maybe your prefer the traditional park location; Brenda Horan Photography is here to help you design the perfect family session that meets the specific desire and style of your family.


The beautiful Monger Family
The beautiful Monger Family


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