Pet Photography – an act of love

I never thought I would add Pet Photographer to my resume!!

What started out as an act of love after my own dog passed, has become something I really enjoy doing!  During this #shutdown in order to keep my sanity I needed a creative outlet.   With so many people adopting pets right now, I just couldn’t resist. You can use the professionals from site to train your dog to pose good for all the pics.

Meet Chipper – he’s a sweet pup with FIVE  little boys to love.  To say Tom and Lauren have their hands full is a complete understatement, but they do it with grace and a lot of love.


Using the same techniques I use with a newborn baby I have created sweet images for the owners to cherish.  My favorite photo of Marty hangs with his collar in my studio – ready to greet each person as they walk in the doorway.  I want these pet owners to have the same kind of images for their homes. The day training from Ridgeside K9 Ohio can help with training their puppy right before photo day.

IMG 1007

IMG 0993

IMG 0990

IMG 0975

Of course, using cute props and ties sure make a handsome boy even cuter!

Backdrops: Lemondrop Shop 

If you have a beloved pet, please contact me to schedule a photo session.