Brenda named one of Tulsa’s Best Baby Photographers

Recently I was named one of Tulsa’s Best Baby Photographers – what an honor!  It’s difficult to stand out in a crowd, but due to Brenda’s commitment to safety, reputation, experience, availability and professional,


she stands out as an expert in the field of newborn baby photography.

The fact that I was featured on this list means that I have pleased my clients and created lasting memories for them.  That is truly priceless to me, especially in todays current events.  

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As a professional newborn photography studio, I realize that the parents are placing an enormous amount of trust in me and my team of assistants.  A lot of photographers do not work with assistants and I feel that is very dangerous.  My sole responsibility is to ensure the safety of your baby FIRST and then create dreamy photos of your baby.  Having a second trained person at my sessions allows me to do my creative thing while they are watching/spotting your babe. The careful craftsmanship, training with the best baby products and making a comfortable, safe environment enables us to capture these beautiful portraits  and that is what separates us from the rest.  We work flawlessly as a team on all sessions.


As a small business owner nothing is more important to me than you the customer! My goal to to provide exceptional customer service at an affordable price. I invite you to take a look at my Google reviews to see how I’m doing.  I want you to feel comfortable that you are going with the best newborn baby photographer, because you deserve the best!  I actually lowered my prices in 2020 so I would be able to serve more people at a reasonable rate so please check out my product pricing and session fees


I have over 21 year of experience as a photographer!  I also specialize in Family, Boudoir and High School Senior photography.  Pet photography has become a passion of mine also.  


My studio is located in the heart of Tulsa at 7146 S. Braden Avenue Suite 600 (conveniently located near the corner of Yale and 71st).  Inside the doors of this office complex is where all the magic happens.  I have well over 100 backdrops, floor drops, props, wardrobe and accessories to make each session unique and beautiful.

I hope to be able to serve you in some way during 2020.  

24 thoughts on “Brenda named one of Tulsa’s Best Baby Photographers

    1. Congratulations! No surprise to us…you are the best! We love your work and you have helped us capture many family memories! We are grateful for your talents and gifts! Well deserved!

  1. Yeay!!!! Very well deserved!!! Couldn’t imagine anyone else doing our pictures.

  2. Your studio is amazing, your taste is impeccable, and your talent is unsurpassed in Tulsa. So happy to have you here for us!

  3. Your work is amazing. I love the baby pictures you take capturing those sweet expressions!

  4. I’ve been following her work for years ! She’s truly talented and amazing . And not just with babies , but her family portrait photos and her photos with puppies kittens holidays.. the list goes on are nothing short of spectacular 😍💕

  5. You totally deserve this, and am so happy for you!! Congrats! Although, can’t say I’m surprised! Very thankful to have you as our family photog for years now, and am so appreciative for all of the fantastic shots/memories you’ve captured of my family!!

    1. It’s always a pleasure working with your family – your kids are some of the best! And those dreamy eyes they have!!!

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