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Brenda Horan is the lady behind the camera – she specializes professional baby photos, newborn photography, maternity pictures, boudoir photography and family portraits. Brenda Horan has been in business since 1999 and serves Tulsa and the surrounding areas.  If you are looking for a professional photographer with experience and an eye for detail, please contact Brenda.

Brenda Horan Photography is truly a gift to Tulsa! She captures such sweet and precious moments and immortalizes them in a way that truly captivates the heart!

Sarah A. October 20, 2015

I have at least two walls in my house completely covered with Brenda's photos of our family! She took our daughter's newborn photos several years ago, and we haven't used any other photographer since. She is especially patient with newborn shoots and any sitting that involves children. Somehow, she is able to solicit smiles from all our kids and us at the same time, creating a gorgeous snapshot for us to cherish forever.

Cristen O. October 20, 2015

We have been a client of Brenda's for almost four years now. Our relationship began with Brenda capturing Paisley's newborn pictures. We purchased the BabyCAKES package and this allowed us to visit Brenda four times throughout Paisley's first year. These precious memories are priceless. Paisley adores Brenda and enjoys going to see her year after year and session after session. The photographs Brenda has captured hang throughout our home and encapsulate these moments in time perfectly. Brenda tells our family story through her photographs and her talent is perfection.

Taylor D. October 20, 2015

These are ridiculous, how am I supposed to choose when they are all so wonderful!!! Thank you so much!


Jennifer G. October 20, 2015

Thank you so much for another set of beautiful photographs.  The Valentine set was the perfect backdrop for the firls and the pictures really captured their personalities.   Over the past 6 years, you have c aptured my two daughters in moments of tenderness, warmth and joy.  The finished product is always priceless.  You are always patient, creative and professional, which shows in the quality of your work.  I’m blessed that you have creatively documented all of our most cherished memories.  I will treasure them always.

Angie Waymire September 14, 2015

Every picture has a story and believe me, with four children, we have a lot of stories!  We have been using Brenda Horan exclusively for over six years and whether it is an individual picture or the entire family, Brenda amazingly captures every moment beautifully.  She is so patient with our little ones and we are brought to tears when we see the pictures.  We cannot thank Brenda enough for creating these little moments in time for us to cherish forever!

Kristy and Dave Garrett September 14, 2015

Brenda has been photographing our family since our first child was born, three years ago. She has given us the gift of lasting images that we will treasure forever. Her ability to work with our children always amazes us. The quality of her photos, photo books and other products is unmatched, we are always beyond satisfied. People say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when we see images from a session with Brenda, we are always speechless!

Kristi Davis September 14, 2015

I first met Brenda Horan when my little girl was almost 3 months old. I wanted sweet, little newborn baby pics, only my girl was no longer a newborn. I remember the first session well. I was a sweating mess when I left because my darling daughter did not cooperate. However, somehow in the midst of infant insanity she captured a shot that is to this day one of my very favorites. It's amazing. The next shoot, the stars aligned and we (it was definitely a team effort) got her to go to sleep. Somehow Brenda got me those sweet, squished up, naked baby pics I wanted so badly. Again these are pictures you have done in the baby's first week of life, not the twelfth week.  Brenda has taken my children's pictures ever since. My daughter will be 5 next month and my son is 9. They both love going to see Miss Brenda. Kids grow up SO fast and all we have are the memories and pictures to help us remember. It is absolutely worth the investment to get quality pictures of your children. They will only grow and change. I am incredibly thankful we found Brenda Horan Photography. I have seen her demand nothing but the best from herself and her staff. You can look at the pictures on her website, they speak for themselves.

Keira Tyler September 14, 2015

Brenda Horan is one of the most dedicated and passionate photographers I have met.  Brenda has been our family photographer for the last six years.  I noticed a beautiful card advertising her photography business at The Market in Tulsa, Oklahoma when I was pregnant with my first born.  I viewed her website and immediately signed up for her Baby Cakes program.   This was such an important time to capture our new family beginning.  Brenda exceeded all our expectations with gorgeous images that were perfection.  I almost couldn't believe these images were mine.  The images were so impressive that they brought tears of joy and happiness to many eyes including my family and friends.   I now have three children.  I loved Brenda's work and style so much, I have continued to use her with all three children and she continues to amaze me with her talent.  I love her gentleness with newborns and her patients and playfulness with babies and children.  She makes each session look effortless and that takes talent!   Our home is filled with the most beautiful pictures that I am so proud to display.  The pictures are timeless.  Brenda has created memories for my family that will always be loved and cherish forever.  I am blessed to have found a photographer with such an amazing gift.  Brenda truly puts her whole heart into her work and I am forever grateful.

Kimbra and Neil Mavis September 14, 2015

Brenda Horan has been capturing memorable family moments since 2009.  She has been there for birthday milestones, family portraits and captured other precious moments.  I have never had a bad photo from Brenda….It is always very hard to choose from the images she captures.  Her  work is quality and never fails to amaze me with how wonderful photos turn out.  I love the pictures so much that I don’t purchase school pictures anymore, I purchase the pictures of my kids from Brenda.  She spends quality time and endless effort getting just the perfect shot.  Brenda is truly in my opinion the best in Tulsa for sure!

Todd and Tiffany Phillips September 14, 2015

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